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“I am very impressed with this umbrella. When I first received it, I went outside to open and close it at least 10 times to make sure the ribs don't break or come apart. I had no such problem. I used it during the rainstorms and it held up beautifully. I recommend this umbrella. So far, this is the best umbrella I have ever bought!”

John Doe

“After my cheap ones failed, tried one of these. Very sturdy. Holds up well in the wind. No problems yet with the push button thing. Well worth the price I paid. Bought a second one for El Niño, and that one's working out well too.”

Rob Smith

“ I can say confidently that we have a winner! This makes my wife very happy, as she had gotten many compliments on the design and style of the original umbrella during the first few times she had used it.”

Jane Doe